Rettland Farm

Rettland Farm

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where does your feeder stock come from?

This question was recently emailed to me, and I thought that it was worth answering in this forum.

"We just had your pork tenderloin for dinner and everybody is raving about it. Someone asked where your feeder stock comes from? Is that an appropriate question? Anyway, everyone said it was the best pork they ever had." --A Loyal Customer, Hanover, PA

My response:

It is an absolutely appropriate question.

My feedstock comes from one of two places:

First, I produce most of the baby pigs here on the farm, using breeding stock that I own. By doing so, I have absolute control of (and responsibility for) the diet and management of the parents and then the resulting pigs that will eventually end up on your table. As you can see, I don't use farrowing crates, but instead give the sow (the momma pig) a large, clean, well bedded pen to nurture her young pigs.

Second, I do occasionally purchase baby pigs from a small pig farmer in York county who specializes in the breed I prefer, Berkshire. I purchase from him only when I don't have baby pigs of my own. I have seen this farm's facilities and I have spent many hours talking with them about their practices, and I am comfortable with the animals that they produce.

I'm thrilled that the pork was a success! Thanks for your support!

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