Rettland Farm

Rettland Farm

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Husbandry, not Industry

Like my new catchphrase?

It just kind of stumbled into my head while I was making a point in a e-discussion group that I participate in.

It sums up, in three words, how I think modern, progressive farms should be run.

Husbandry. Not Industry.

As in--using knowledge and experience to care for animals, not electronics and shiny metal.

As in--treating farms like biological systems, not factories churning out widgets and doodads.

As in--making use of an animal's natural tendencies, instead of forcing them to change their behavior to fit a production model.

As in--understanding that there is a difference between a professional farmer, and a low paid "technician" with no stake in any part of the operation, other than a menial paycheck for his menial labor.

As in--realizing that at some point in food production, scale and quality become inversely proportional.

As in--believing that "food security" is defined by more than abundance and low price.

Husbandry. Not Industry.