Rettland Farm

Rettland Farm

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The 2014 Farm Share: Prologue

So we're gonna try something a little different this year.

You know we've done the CSA thing in the past, right?

For two consecutive years, we've had a Chicken CSA. We've also kicked the tires on a pork CSA that we called Share-A-Swine on two occasions, once here at home and once for the good folks of the greater Baltimore area.

Both CSAs seem to be enjoyed by the members who participate, and we always had some repeat members, and lots of questions about when the next one would start from others.

But I feel like we can improve on the whole concept, from nose to tail.

For starters, we shouldn't be limiting the CSA shares to one specific product. I mean, we're a diversified farm that produces a variety of products already, have a couple in the R&D phase, and still more in the "thinkin" stage. So why are we only offering CSAs with one product in them?

It is also really tricky to put together a CSA that appeals to the greatest number of people. Some people would really enjoy chicken breasts one week, and skip the whole bird, you know? And, "hey Beau, we really could have used 3 lbs of the OCC sausage this week for our July 4th party with the in-laws, but there was only one in our share..."

Or picking up the shares.  Or missing shares because of vacation.  Or not being able to participate at all because of the up front costs.

These are legitimate problems, and I worry about the people who have them. They are not getting the experience from our food that I want them to have, and I want to do better for them.

So, we're going to do just that. Offer more products. Offer more variety. Offer greater flexibility for pickups. And offer more value.

It's the NEW and IMPROVED Rettland Farm CSA, designed to run faster, jump higher, and fly further than all previous Rettland Farm CSAs!

Most importantly, I think you're gonna love it.

Stay tuned for the full details. Very soon.

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