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Rettland Farm

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Rettland Farm-To-You

We know how it is.

You love our farm and products, but it's just too difficult to get to our retail store on a regular basis.

We love getting our products to you, but the traditional farmer's market in your neighborhood doesn't seem to be a good fit for us, for a bunch of reasons.

Good news!  We have found the perfect solution for all!

Rettland Farm-To-You

We are thrilled to announce the beginning of our new retail operation, Rettland Farm-To-You!

Rettland Farm-To-You is a monthly service that allows our loyal customers, those who live a bit too far away to regularly visit our on-farm retail shop, to pre-order any of our retail meats or other available products, and then have them delivered to a central location close to their homes!

How Does it Work??

  • Every month, we will post a full listing of all meat cuts and other products that are available for that month.  We'll make you aware of the listing by email and social media.
  • You send us an email order by the deadline, and we fill them on a first come basis.
  • After the order is filled, we collect payment (either by credit card or check).
  • We deliver to you!  Delivery is made to a convenient, central location, on a given day at a specific time.  You simply pick up your order, and you are on your way in minutes!
What's Available?

We will feature a full line of retail pork cuts and chickens, all made from our own antibiotic free, GMO free, seasonally pastured animals here at Rettland Farm.  

To supplement our product lines, we will also partner with other farms to provide other proteins like beef and lamb to supplement our products.  We ALWAYS label the origin of meats produced by other farms, and they ALWAYS meet the same high standards we set for our own products.

All cuts will be processed under USDA inspection, packaged in cryovac packaging, and frozen.  Availability of specific cuts may vary, so check the listing each month for items available that month.

Where Are the Drop Locations?

The following locations have agreed to be drop locations for Rettland Farm-To-You.  Please thank them for their willingness to both support our farm and also to get wholesome, local food into their communities!
We will continue to add new locations in the coming months.  Have an idea for a drop location in your town or neighborhood?  Let us know by email to 

Join The Group!

To be sure you don't miss this great opportunity, drop us an email at and ask to be put on the Farm-To-You mailing list.  That way we can be sure to let you know when product lists are put up, as well as order deadlines and delivery days.  

Hope to see you soon, in YOUR neighborhood!

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