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Rettland Farm

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Has Social Media Reached It's Peak?

I've become more and more frustrated by the declining number of people I am reaching on the business Facebook page.  On my little stats that FB loves to bury me with, it appears that only about 25-40% of my followers will see any given post.  I know that personally I've started using Facebook less, and I think that maybe a lot of people are right there with me.  The fad is beginning to pass.

And Twitter?  Don't even get me started.  Twitter ALWAYS feels like shouting into a large, dark room.

So, in a post-Facebook world, how will you, the loyal Rettland Farm reader and customer, keep up with what's going on at the farm? 

I feel like I should get back here to the Blog more often for sure.  Though the stats aren't as detailed, I can tell that lots of people check out this blog, often daily.

What about email?  Should we be doing more frequent email blasts to keep you up to date?  I know from my experience, sometimes lots of email just gets trashed without so much as a glance.  Would you be likely to read our emails, or trash them unopened?

Along that same line are email groups, where everyone on the (voluntary) list receives the emails, and when you reply it replies to everyone.   I'm a member of several of these groups, and they're pretty cool when a discussion gets going among members.  More of a community feel, which I obviously like.

What's your opinion?  How do I get you all the news you want to know about goings on here at the farm, without bugging you to death?  Comments, please!


  1. Blog or Yahoo group/mass email list serve are my top choices.

  2. I agree- blog or yahoo group!

  3. I agree with Christine. I usually only check Facebook when I see there's a message waiting for me. I just subscribed to receive e-mail updates of your blog.

  4. I guess I'm in that 25-40%. I get all of my updates about your farm through facebook.