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Rettland Farm

Friday, February 1, 2013

Share-A-Swine, Second Month

We're already doing our second monthly pickup for the Rettland Farm Share-A-Swine program.  Below is the email I sent to the members, describing what is in their share this month.

I posted it for two reasons.  First, to show you what a typical monthly share looks like, in case we decide to do it again in the future, and in case you might want to participate then.  (Wink, wink.  Nudge, nudge!)

Second, to illustrate that there is so much more to eating pork than chops and tenderloins.  The pig is a culinary dream, and we as a society have been taught to accept lean, dry, flavorless meat based on an irrational fear of fat. 

We need to get back to eating "everything but the squeal!"

The Email:

Greetings everyone,

I thought you might like a preview for tomorrow's CSA pickup (here at the farm, 11am-2pm). I just finished packing it up, and we have some new things in there to share!

Sausage--Same variety as last month. Great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! New variety (ies) next month.

Bacon--Enough said.

Pork Shoulder Steaks--These steaks are cut from the very flavorful, but slightly tougher shoulder of the pig. They will be best if you cook them SLOWLY and with some liquid, like in a stew or braise.

Ham Hock, smoked--A few of you may find these in your package instead of the shoulder steaks. They are definitely a soup/flavoring item, and will make some insane ham and bean soup, or use it to braise greens like collards (I just made these last week with Northern White beans and they were AWESOME) or cabbage.

Ground Pork--We love to add this to our lean grass finished ground beef, and make a mean meatloaf or some burgers (Super Bowl Party idea!) Or, use it as a blank slate to make your own sausage at home, just add salt and spices. Also a nice alternative to beef in a weeknight pasta sauce.

Minute Steaks--These are one of our original products, so far, so you may not have encountered these yet. We slice the meat paper thin so it will thaw and cook in no time, great for weeknight meals when you're rushed. It is incredible when cooked with garlic and onions, salt, pepper, and/or cheese. We use them at home for a twist on Philly Cheesesteaks, or chop them for pork tacos or stir fry. They are a fun product, and I think you'll really enjoy them!

Hope this helps. See you all tomorrow!

Rettland Farm

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