Rettland Farm

Rettland Farm

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Teaming Up for Lard, Part 1

I sometimes get requests from home cooks for lard.  We haven't had a processor that was willing to make lard for us for several years, and when we did, we couldn't guarantee that the lard we received was from OUR hogs.  That's a deal killer for me (for many reasons, some of which you'll soon learn), so we stopped having lard made.

So a week ago I got a similar request for lard from Christine, a great friend of the Farm.  I gave her the standard answer. "No, we don't sell lard.  But I have pork fat, and you can use that to make your own."  After I give most people that answer, they usually thank me kindly, and that's the end of that.

But not Christine.  She was up for the challenge. And further, she was willing to document the WHOLE process for me, so I could share it here for other people to use in future lard-rendering excursions.

And that added bonus is that Christine is a blogger herself, and so she knows all the cool tricks about inserting pictures and hyperlinks and all the other blogger tricks that make reading a blog more interactive.  (You might notice I'm not so good at those things myself.  But I'm working on it.  Promise)

So, check out Christine's first of several posts on the what's why's and how's of lard making. 

And stay tuned.


  1. Very excited for our lard adventure! Part two of my series is coming soon!

  2. Hi, Beau! Rich will be ever so excited to hear about the development in the lard situation. While we enjoyed every bit of the tasty pig we purchased from you (including the ham we brought to upstate NY for Christmas that everyone raved about!), he often longingly mentioned the lack of lard. Seriously. If I'm making waffles using my trusty decades old recipe and he sees it, I'm certain to hear, "Lard? You can use lard in this instead?! That would be awesome. I wish Beau had lard."

    So, I will be sure to follow Christine (Hi, Christine!) on her lard adventure. :-)